Development and Acquisition of Natural Gas and Oil Reserves


The State of American Energy

American Petroleum Institute, 2017

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Annual Energy Outlook

Energy Information Administration, January 2017

Hydraulic Fracturing: Unlocking America's Natural Gas Resources

American Petroleum Institute, February 2017

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Hydraulically fractured wells provide two-thirds of U.S. natural gas production

Energy Information Administration, May 2016
Shale Energy: 10 Points Everyone Should Know

American Petroleum Institute, September 2015

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The Eagle Ford Shale and More!

Presentation at DUG Eagle Ford, September 2014

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Energy Works: Texas

American Petroleum Institute, July 2013

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Shale oil: the next energy revolution

PwC, February 2013

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Shale Story: Texas

American Petroleum Institute, August 2012

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Energy Security

American Petroleum Institute, 2012

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Fueling North America's Energy Future

The Unconventional Natural Gas Revolution and the Carbon Agenda,
IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates, 2010

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US Supply Forecasts and Potential Jobs and Economic Impacts

Wood Mackenzie Energy Consulting, September 2011

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Modern Shale Gas in the Unites States: A Primer

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy; National Energy Technology Laboratory, April 2009

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The Economic Contribution of the Onshore Independent Oil and Natural Gas Producers to the U.S. Economy

IHS Global Insight, April 2011

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US Oil Shale Resources

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Petroleum Reserves

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